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Vertra FIC FIA (domestic fund) is a predominantly long equity fund, which may occasionally take up short positions with the objective to generate absolute gains. The fund’s cash position is expected to fluctuate as a function of the portfolio´s attractiveness. Vertra FIC FIA was established in October 2013.


The Vertra FIC FIA fund is only available to “qualified” Brazilian investors, as defined by Instruction n. 409/04 of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM).


Initial minimum investment:

R$ 15,000.00

Minimum balance:

R$ 15,000.00

Additional minimum investment or redemption:


R$ 10,000.00

Investment conversion:

1 day

Redemption conversion:

30 days, without exit fees

15 days subject to an exit fee of 8%, credited to the fund

Redemption payment:

3 days after conversion date

Cut-off time:

2pm (Brasilia time)

Management fee:

2% p.a.

Performance fee:

20% over IPCA + yield of "IMA-B 5+" * (paid semi-annually)

* IPCA is the Brazilian Broad Consumer Price Index. IMA-B 5+ is an ANBIMA index that comprises Brazilian Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (NTN-B's) maturing in more than five years. The yield used for performance benchmark will be updated at the beginning of every semester based on the arithmetic mean of the yields of the IMA-B 5+ portfolio NTN-B's for the 3-month period before the start of the semester. For the first half of 2018, Vertra FIC FIA is charging performance over IPCA + 5.17% per annum. 

Income tax:

15% over nominal gains for Brazilian taxed investors


Vertra Capital Gestão de Recursos Ltda.


Banco Daycoval


Banco Daycoval


KPMG Auditores Independentes

ANBIMA Category:

"Ações Livre"

Scale Risk Profile

Investments in Vertra FIC FIA are considered to have an aggressive risk profile.

The Vertra FIC FIA fund´s investments are always subject to equity market fluctuations and conditions, which are mainly affected by political and national and international economic conditions. Considering that it is a medium- to long-term investment, there may be some fluctuation in the fund’s share price, including the possibility of losses greater than the invested capital and the consequent need for fund shareholders to make additional capital injections in order to cover any possible negative net worth of the fund.

Regulamento Vertra FIC FIA
Regulamento Vertra Institucional Master FIA
Vertra Institucional FIC FIA
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